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Vulcan creates: Winter icon pack

Erin Doland
Erin Doland
1 min read

Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere and Vulcan illustrator Muhammad "Muhan" Hanif has created an icon pack full of wintery goodies for you to use. Whether you're sending an email to your students or a holiday message to a client, these icons are certain to make your communications stunning.

Like our other icon packs, the Vulcan Winter Icon Pack is free for individuals, businesses, and organizations to download and use without licensing.

Download the Winter Icon Pack

25 flat icons representing items like mittens, snow, and a fireplace.

The icon pack contains 25 icons free for download.

We’d love to see how you use the icons, so please email us an image of your finished product.

Download icon pack for free
ZIP file|Size: 3.7MB

An example of a sign next to an escalator discussing a winter sale using three of the winter icons.

Do you have a need for an icon pack? Send us an email and let us know what icons you wish you had. We may be able to incorporate your idea into a future Vulcan icon pack.