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Vulcan creates: Icons for COVID-19 messaging

Erin Doland
Erin Doland
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Vulcan Creative's illustrators and graphic designers have many talents, and one of those is creating impressive and effective icons. Icons reinforce a message and easily convey information to an audience, often more quickly than text can.

Knowing that businesses across the globe are trying to educate the public about safety procedures, Vulcan illustrator Muhammad "Muhan" Hanif created the COVID19 Icon Pack to help in this important effort. Due to the deadly potential of the virus, Muhan and Vulcan have decided to make the icons free for businesses to use.

Download the COVID Icon Pack

Flat and line art icons in the Covid-19 Icon Pack

The icon pack contains 25 flat and 25 line icons free for download.

If you use them, we’d love to see them in use. Please send us an image at hi@vulcanca.com of your finished product.

Download icon pack for free
ZIP file|Size: 5.2MB

Covid-19 Icon Pack illustrations in use on a sign in an office building

Behind the scenes with Muhan

Creating icons is a skill not many graphic designers can do well. To get a better understanding of how this set was designed and developed, we asked our iconographer Muhan questions about the icons in this pack.

Vulcan: What icons did you initially think would make it into the pack but didn't in the end?

Muhan: There are some icons that I didn't end up making, like social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and sneezing, because this design style wasn’t well suited for them.

Vulcan: Were any of the icons particularly tricky to design?

Muhan: Yes, there were two that were tricky and, thankfully, I was able to figure out designs for them. Those were the avoid contact icon and the avoid public facilities icon. Using overlapping elements proved helpful with the pair.

Vulcan: Which one is your favorite?

Muhan: I think the avoid public facilities icon is my favorite. I really had to think on it, but in the end I was able to design something that met my expectations. It feels good when something hard works out in the end.

Download icon pack for free
ZIP file|Size: 5.2MB

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